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A popular way to implement collaborative supply chain strategies is by means of trading exchanges or e-marketplaces. There are three general types of exchanges; independent trading exchanges, consortium trading exchanges and private trading exchanges. Private exchanges are either supplier-facing or customer-facing. Nowadays, such exchanges mainly concentrate on the purchasing of indirect goods.

StarActive offers an array of collaborative capabilities and has been designed for incremental growth, as needs of participants evolve, for interoperability with other systems and for individualisation of services and business processes for all participants. Also StarActive's capabilities can be offered as add-ons to existing exchanges to provide true supply chain planning and execution management functionality that meets the participant's evolving requirements.

Such capabilities include multiple exchange models such as collaborative RFQs, time phased RFQs, multi-vendor sourcing, collaborative demand planning, procurement execution, price quoting, available to promise, fulfilment, channel management, vendor managed inventory program support, supply chain execution management and inventory visibility.

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