Demand Side  

Common demand side issues include stock-outs or excess inventory write offs because of a lack of visibility into inventory levels and production plans, stagnant customer service because of failure to make accurate promises and to meet demand, lost sales due to slow response to customer inquiries is it not more a restriction on your own sales, failure to provide real-time order tracking, inability to manage orders, operations and resource requirements when necessary, discontinuity between customer demands and resource allocations.

Within the area of demand, Orion Logic offers unique capabilities that truly places your enterprise's and your supply chain's resources around your customers' requirements. This includes true cross-company ATP, CTP as well as profitable to promise, accurate modelling of capability, collaborative planning and fulfilment coordination at the line-item level. Order management with tracking and visibility capability across multiple channels, support for multiple commerce models, product configurations and order taking.

By enabling visibility and real time planning at the time of sales, Orion Logic helps your company to optimise the cash-to-cash cycle time, promise reliable delivery dates, coordinate fulfilment, avoid lost sales and optimise strategic stocks, leading to increased customer satisfaction and retention, increase overall supply chain efficiency and minimize costs.

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