Although traditional approaches for managing the supply chain claim the generation of optimal plans, these systems are not capable of handling the complexities of a real world supply chain. This is because these systems are mainly concerned with the high level regulation of supply in relation to forecast demand. The end result is an aggregate plan that is; static and hence insulated from the dynamics of the real world; relies on a centralised enterprise-centric framework that handles data in a batch process which fails to respond to disturbances in a timely manner; is not timely since the data collection cycle is too long compared to the urgency under which a decision has to be taken; is not tight to the physical processes and equipment, and hence does not consider disruptions such as resource failures, supplier delivery failures and forecast errors. Therefore, once a disruption occurs it is then propagated to the downstream nodes of the network negatively affecting the flow of orders.

StarActive's innovative execution management solution offers the unique capability to sense and respond to unplanned events such as resource unavailability, customer order change requests, timely delivery failures, transport problems, yield shortfalls and other disruptions.

With our reactive execution management solutions, Orion Logic can help your company to become truly responsive to disturbances in your supply chain, and create order of magnitude profitability improvements by eliminating operational and expediting costs, and by eliminating inventory write offs and waste.

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