Supply Side  

Common issues on the supply side include; lack of adequate visibility across the supply chain, limited capability to plan and control each tier, of the supply chain, a function necessary to be responsive in the marketplace. Excessive expediting efforts, missed volume discounts due to lack of vendor tracking, stock-outs and idle times due to missed vendor deliveries, inventory build up for critical items to meet requirements, excess inventory costs and others.

StarActive's supply side capability includes; supply planning, collaborative procurement, supply aggregation, supply chain inventory visibility, purchase order tracking, collaborative supply planning and supplier coordination, cash outflow optimisation, purchase order track and trace. Orion Logic's innovation is to link each customer order to the actual capability and process of each participant in the network allowing true collaboration and greater responsiveness to customer's needs, thus leading to increased sales.

How does this impact the bottom line? Reduction in the total costs of direct materials and MRO goods. Optimised cash outflows for supply related processes, achieved by sharing purchasing requirements. Inventory levels and production plans with suppliers in real time, plus accurate planning and control of deliveries, catering for the individual relationships with different vendors.

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